Scott Parkin Watercolors

Maine Farmhouse (2017) — In private collection

Artist Statement

I primarily like to paint landscapes depicting houses or scenes that may hark back to a bygone era in Maine or Virginia. I like to find subjects that have contrasting light and shadow that may or may not tell a story. I sometimes work in plein air, but much of my work is completed in studio. I also draw, attending local life drawing groups here in Northern Virginia.

My Resume

Dewitt Hardy Landscape

I started painting watercolors in 1970 while a student of Dewitt and Pat Hardy both accomplished masters of the medium. I lived with them for a year, drawing, painting and making prints when I wasn’t flipping burgers or finding other ways to make a few dollars. I had my first show in Springvale, Maine where I sold one painting for $40 to my father. Not long after, I went to work for the York County Coast Star and began a long career in journalism and various forms of communications.

Pat Hardy– At Moose Pond

Besides the Hardys, my influences include Edward Hopper, John Singer Sargent, and Winslow Homer. Artists whom I’ve known also have had a profound influence on how I see the world around me. They include Edward Betts, J. Phillip Richards, and Neil Welliver who taught me drawing in college. In retirement, I studied drawing at George Mason University and our local community college. I continue to study watercolor at different venues in Northern Virginia and draw figures from life as often as I can.

A few of my recent works are in private collections, but I have not had a gallery opening since that ill-fated one in 1971. Occasionally I show at local exhibits for retirees, but maybe someday soon I’ll try for something bigger. If you’re interested in any of the works on these pages, please use the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.