These are relatively large paintings. The top watercolor is a street view in Waterford, VA. Beneath that is a painting from a print by Dewitt of Perkins Cove from above. The third one down is of Reid State Park from a parking lot and the last depicts Kolob Canyon in Utah, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

These are all smaller paintings. The upper left is of a valley in Fryeburg, ME and next to it a valley in Virginia hunt country. Bottom left is a street in Waterford, VA and on the right is a power line in Reston, VA that was bought by someone at auction a few years ago.

The top left is of a farm in Wells, ME, the top right is a study for a painting of a farm in Denmark, ME. Beneath that is of row of houses in Waterford, VA. The horizontal watercolor depicts a sunset on Cayuga Lake outside Ithaca, NY and the bottom a scene above Boulder, CO. If you’re interested in seeing more of my work, please contact us.

The following are other small winter scenes mainly drawn from memory or from photos taken in Maine. The old car watercolor was painted first in 1971.

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