These are relatively large paintings. The top watercolor is a street view in Waterford, VA. Beneath that is a painting from a print by Dewitt of Perkins Cove from above. The third one down is of Reid State Park from a parking lot and the last depicts Kolob Canyon in Utah, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

These are all smaller paintings. The upper left is of a valley in Fryeburg, ME and next to it a valley in Virginia hunt country. Bottom left is a street in Waterford, VA and on the right is a power line in Reston, VA that was bought by someone at auction a few years ago.

The top left is of a farm in Wells, ME, the top right is a study for a painting of a farm in Denmark, ME. Beneath that is of row of houses in Waterford, VA. The horizontal watercolor depicts a sunset on Cayuga Lake outside Ithaca, NY and the bottom a scene above Boulder, CO. The bIf you’re interested in seeing more of my work, please contact us.

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